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Colin Usher & Co began manufacturing headwear for schools and colleges throughout Australia in 1970, after a short, but illustrious career, making jeans and bikinis.

All the components, fabrics and manufacturing techniques used in all of our headwear have been developed and tested extensively, in the toughest arena in the world, "The School Playground".

School uniforms are compulsory in 99% of Australian schools, and since 1980, a hat or cap has been a compulsory part of the uniform. In fact most Schools and Colleges have a "No hat, No play" policy, because of the hot Australian sun and the risk of skin cancer.

We have always had to compete with cheaper imported headwear. So we developed a niche market, for customers who want a quality product that is designed to do the job, which the wearer intended.

We have achieved this with: a unique combination of the best Australian fabrics; a diversity of styles to suit all head and face shapes; and a quality of manufacture that is second to none.

Because of our climate, Australians participate in an enormous diversity of outdoor activities in all types of weather conditions.

That is what makes Australia a perfect place to develop HEADWEAR that WORKS.